Chris Reist is a professional photographer and cinematographer. He was born in Interlaken (Switzerland) and lives now in Zürich, the largest city in Switzerland.


His passion for photography started at the age of 10 years old growing up between lakes and mountains constantly inspired him to hold the incredible picturesque beauty of his hometown Interlaken on camera.
His uncle, an eager camera collector, influenced him with his extensive photography throughout his travels in Australia and New Zealand. The following slideshow strongly shaped his interest in the art of Photography. His first camera the heavy SLR, with 35mm roll film, will set this fascination for lights and shadows that has not let go of him.
He grew up in a tech-savvy family, which also led to the profession he learned as Poly Mechanical Engineer.
Despite his work as a mechanical engineer, photography kept dominating his life. The camera was his daily companion. Passionate about Photography, he continuously kept capturing images of amazing landscapes and gradually learned the art of light. All types of cameras passed through his hands and thanks to his technical skills and photographic understanding he developed the ability to work with different models and brands.
Years of observation sensitized his eyes and senses for photography.
Meanwhile he have established himself in different areas both in studio photography and as a freelance photographer.
Whether it is Street, Fashion or Landscapes Photography or Photojournalism it all has become an integral part of his life.
He is popular internationally for his expressive works and publications in the domain of people, industrial and architecture photography. His editorials have been published in many magazines, and his customers include well-known companies around the world.
His aim is to create engaging photographic narratives from every commission.


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